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AD9361 RX Port Differential Impedance

Question asked by Andrew-007 on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by tlili

Hi ADI Team,


Referring document named "AD9361 RFPortInterface_v2.1.pdf", it is clear that for different frequency of operation, RX_A port differential impedance changes, so need choose 1:N Balun accordingly depending upon the frequency as given in that document. (See the attachment)


Query: We want to make a broadband design, we can place any balun at a time i.e. 1:1 balun, 1:2 balun, 1:4 balun all having same layout footprint, but RX_A differential lines on the board, what impedance should be considered for these differential lines so that board is kept same, only balun is changed, depending upon frequency of operation.

Please share your recommendation and experience.