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(EVAL-ADuMQSEBZ)Does this EVAL-BOARD has stitching layer?

Question asked by donadona999s on Mar 15, 2016
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Hi !


When some of our customer want to measure EMI & EMC test ,

do you have EVAL-Board for that?

I mean I saw EVAL-ADuMQSEBZ7's datasheet but there was no layer picture.

And the datasheet says EVAL-ADuMQSEBZ is not for EMI & EMC.

And also it look like there is no stitching in the board.


I think it will be very useful for our customer to measure the EMI & EMC

if you have an EVAL-Board for this and customer can buy it.


I understand that customer should test with there application board

but to confirm the difference with the competition device , it will be very useful.


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