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How to view imask and lirptl register in visual dsp

Question asked by DSPprogrammer on Jul 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan



I try to mask and unmask serial port interrupts on a ADSP21363 and ADSP21262.

To do so I use the following instructions:


Masking all six serial port:

sysreg_bit_clr_nop(sysreg_LIRPTL, SP0IMSK);       
sysreg_bit_clr_nop(sysreg_LIRPTL, SP2IMSK);       
sysreg_bit_clr_nop(sysreg_LIRPTL, SP4IMSK);       
sysreg_bit_clr_nop(sysreg_IMASK,  SP1I);       
sysreg_bit_clr_nop(sysreg_IMASK,  SP3I);       
sysreg_bit_clr_nop(sysreg_IMASK,  SP5I);     


Unmasking all six serial ports

sysreg_bit_set_nop(sysreg_LIRPTL, SP0IMSK);
sysreg_bit_set_nop(sysreg_LIRPTL, SP2IMSK);
sysreg_bit_set_nop(sysreg_LIRPTL, SP4IMSK);
sysreg_bit_set_nop(sysreg_IMASK,  SP1I);
sysreg_bit_set_nop(sysreg_IMASK,  SP3I);
sysreg_bit_set_nop(sysreg_IMASK,  SP5I);


Now I want to verify that the masking / unmasking works as expected. To do so I use the HPUSB emulator and single step the mentioned instructions.

I then view the registers imask and lirptl in the "interrupts register" window of visual dsp.


When I step I do not see any change in the registers. When I change the bits by hand in the interrupts registers window, the register values change as expected.


While single stepping I have set "Mask interrupts during step" in the Target Options window.


Could somebody explain why is that?

Is this a bug in my code, a bug in visual dsp or is it an expected behaviour?


Thank you very much