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adau170x Digital ouput block issues

Question asked by Bazeman on Mar 14, 2016
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I developed a pcb with a adau1701 with a PCM4201 ADC and PCM4104 DAC. Everything is up and running except that the DAC only outputs 2 signals instead of 4...


When I select DIG0, and DIG2, I can get 2 outputs of the DAC to function, but DIG1 and DIG3 aren't doing anything. I fidled around with the settings of the DSP hardware configuration and when I change the LRCLK Polarity I do get output on the other 2 DAC outputs, but also only on DIG0 and DIG2 out....


I'm pretty sure that I had all 4 outputs working before without issues, on DIG0 till DIG3 without having to change the Polarity of the LRCLK. DIG0/1 DIG2/3 DIG4/5 and DIG6/7 are all LR combined signals sent over 1 MP pin right? In the design I used MP6 and MP7 set to SDATA out 0 and SDATA out 1. So why I can't get all 4 outputs to work without switching between the LRCLK Polarity? Does it have anything to do with the DSP being set to Master Mode?

Hope you guys can help to solve the mystery...