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Using AD8318 in measurement mode

Question asked by Kris1954 on Mar 14, 2016
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I'm planning to use the AD8318 in one of my PCB designs. The ADC to which the video signal output will interface is located on another PCB. I'm planning to use a connector and the video signal will be routed for a length of 150 mm approx before it reaches the ADC. I wish to estimate the impact of the routing trace/connector capacitance on the rise time and fall time of the video output signal. What is the maximum capacitance that can be tolerated before rise time and fall time characteristics of the video signal starts to degrade?


I'm also planning on directly probing the video signal output voltage(measurement mode). In this case, I'm planning to terminate the video signal with a >1K ohm resistor and probe the output voltage precisely. Is this setup sufficient for precision voltage measurement?