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*_REG.h file output from Sigma Studio appears corrupt?

Question asked by JohnDunn on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by JohnDunn

  I am trying to use Sigma Studio to set the registers on a 1761 codec on my custom-designed board. My architecture uses an FPGA/EEPROM pair to store and load register contents - I don't have a processor available. I was banking on using the *_REG.h file output as a source of Register settings values that I can store in an EEPROM (I will translate from .h text to hex file EEPROM programming values using a spreadsheet).

   I can compile a filter design in Sigma Studio 3.12beta/3.11 and load it into a 1761 CODEC on the Analog Devices development board. I get code and parameter files that 'work' when used by my system, however when I run 'export files', the *_IC_1_REG.h file that describes the required register settings appears corrupt:


I can see the corruption in the first register @ 4000h, which I expect to contain 01h for 'direct MCLK - bypass PLL', but instead SS produces a _REG.h file with 0Fh @ 4000, which is enabling the PLL despite the SS GUI showing it is off. Other register entries contain similar nonsense.


Is there some special procedure that I must follow to get an up-to-date _REG.h file out of Sigma Studio that reflects my design choices as displayed in the GUI?



Regards - John Dunn