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ADN8834 evaluation board  supply current

Question asked by Terumasa on Mar 14, 2016
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Our customer will evaluate ADN8834CB-EVALZ.

He set the resistor value for setting of maximum TEC current  700mA ,

but the measurement result is not expected measurement reuslt.

We concern if we use ADN8834 correctively.

Please let me know your advice about below.


Change paramter

He changed Rv1:15Kohm, Rv2:10Kohm,  RC1:47Kohm and RC2:27Kohm .

(He would like to set TEC current 700mA max and Vitec =1.6V)



In his system, it is difficult to measure the current through TEC directly.

So, he measured the supply current through PVIN and VDD.

(We thought that TEC current is near total current of PVIN and VDD and mearsurement reuslt will be about 700mA)

Measurement result is 250mA and Vitec=1.6V  at cooling mode.

And when TEC is heated a little more  than above condition  (Vitec  =1.6V)  ,  the supply current becomes  about 300mA.

Then  output of OUT1 is stopped ( 0V output) suddenly.



Is TEC current near the curernt through PVIN and VDD ?

Is above result of 250mA  standard result ?

If our setting and understanding is wrong , please let me know your advice.


Question 2

When TEC is heated  a little more at  maximum of Vitec as above  is the outpuf of OUT1 stopped ?


Please let me know your advice.