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ADE7758 and THD

Question asked by Suja on Mar 14, 2016
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This is regarding voltage and current harmonic calculation using ADE7758 by acquiring waveform samples from the waveform register


(1) I could acquire the voltage waveform samples (with datarate 3.25kSPS), but, how to get the samples at the exact instant.

eg: for a 50Hz signal, and if 32 samples has to be sampled per cycle - samples are required every 625us. (0.625ms, 1.25ms, 1.875ms, ....)

Even if I enable the WFSM interrupt after a specific interval, wouldn't there always be a slight delay in getting the sample after enabling it?


(2) I am getting a distorted wave when trying to reconstruct waveform from current samples(The voltage waveform samples are fine).

     CTs are used for current sensing.


Looking forward to your reply.