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Multichip Design with 4 AD9361 using 2 AD-FMCOMMS5

Question asked by marcob on Mar 14, 2016
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I must design a system with 7 channel RX an 2 channel TX  using chip AD9361, i used this chip with single channel and ZEDBOARD.

This project is  only a prototype so i want use, if possible,  FMCOMMS5  as base block .


The first problem is synchronize RF section, in single board there is a circuit with two ADG918,

but  how can i sinchronize two board FMCOMMS5. ?


About REF CLOCK INPUT : can i use J301 with two copy of an external clock to give the "XTALN"  to 2 board ?


Using two FMCOMMS5 i must give the LO clock to 4 chip, i can use the internal clock or i must use external clock ?

with external clock is correct using J302 to give an external clock matched on 4 channel ?


I  design a board   that  mount  two  fmcomms5 and  connect them to a board VPX .

This board can mount base oscillator and clock drive to LO section.


About  calibration routine :  the FMCOMMS5 use two ADG918 to calibration path, with two board fmcomms5

i need of more connection to calibrate the system.

Can i use an external circuit that use the RF out to realize calibration with same circuit used on board ?


Thank you in advance