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ADXL362 in Loop mode

Question asked by SamyakJain on Mar 13, 2016
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I am trying to set up ADXL362B in loop mode for motion activated switch. Interrupt line is connected to a host processor, that reads the STATUS register whenever there is an activity/Inactivity.

We have only one interrupt line available on host processor, so I am using INT1 of ADXL362 for this purpose. Activity and Inactivity are mapped to this interrupt. and Awake signal is not mapped to this interrupt.


Steps I followed are :

1. Do a soft reset first. and wait for 20ms

2. Write all the register setting using burst write.

3. Wait for 10ms

4. Read back all the register setting and verify it.


Problem :

I can see the interrupt pulse for activity and inactivity. That's cool.

But when I read the AWAKE bit on STATUS register, it is sometimes reset even when the event is Activity. I tried giving some delay (1ms, 3ms, 10ms) between the interrupt pulse and the instant I read the status register. Giving delay of 10ms works most of the time but sometimes it doesn't work, esp. when the device wakeup from longer inactivity period(say 1min), I still read AWAKE = 0 , after an activity interrupt.

How long should I wait after an interrupt pulse is received and before I can read the status register ?

I need to have a fool proof mechanism to assert activity or inactivity .