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Adding 2 AD9361 Cores into Vivado Design

Question asked by USDseniors on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by USDseniors

I am using 2 FMCOMMS3 SDRs and the ZC702 evaluation board.  I am creating the block diagram of my system using the libraries provided by Analog Device.  After building all the libraries into Vivado, this is the project block diagram.


  This only includes one AD9361 core in the design.  Since I have two SDRs, I know that I need two AD9361 cores.  Below is a picture of the AD9361 block on the right and the input ports on the left.


What do I need to do to support both SDRs?  Is it as simple as creating another AD9361 block, and input ports?

Thanks for any help in advance!