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Open ADV212 JP2 data by  Adobe Photoshop CS5

Question asked by kyokko.electric.m on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by DaveD


My colleague encoded a Raw monochrome VGA size data into JPEG2000 image data(attached) using ADV212BBCZ-115.
And I received this encoded image data.
It is possible to open this encoded image data by free viewer software(irfanview)(which including jp2 plugin).
But it is IMPOSSIBLE to open this encoded image data by Adobe Photoshop CS5(which including jp2 plugin)
My Adobe Photoshop CS5 is japanese edition, so error message is only japanese.
Literal translation is "Problems exist at interface of file format module."


Encode parameters for ADV212 are following.


VFORMAT 0x04:custom
PREC  0x00:8bit
XFORMLE  0x05:5level
UNI  0x03:unipolar-C,unipolar-Y
CBSIZE  0x01:64×32
WKERNEL/QUANT 0x01:lossless5x3
STALLPAR 0x00:capture all in a field
ATTRTYPE 0x00:output nothing
RCTYPE  0x00:nothing
RCVAL  0x000000:
PICFG  0x00:
QFACT  0x00:256/256
COD_STYLE 0x02:jp2 format


I hope someone know some reason why it is impossible to open by Adobe Photoshop CS5.