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AD7730 with SKIP + CHOP Both Enabled

Question asked by vismay on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2016 by JellenieR

Hi All,


I am using AD7730 with LoadCell in my project. For certain reasons i don't want to us Digital Filter inside AD7730 and also with Chopping Enabled, So I Have Enabled SKIP Mode as well as CHOP Mode in Filter Register . I read in AD7730 datasheet Page 29, below is text from Datasheet.


As per this highlighted text, If I am not wrong, I have to set output data rate of AD7730 twice of my final data rate, and I need to average 2 samples and consider it as a final sample.



For Example If I want an output data rate of 100Hz, Then With CHOP Enabled and SKIP Enabled, I have to set Output Data Rate of AD7730  = 200Hz, and if below are 2 successive samples from ADC,

(1) 0xED0123

(2) 0xE00234


Then my Final Sample Value = (0xED0123 + 0xE00234 ) / 2 = 0xE681AB


Is This Correct way ?


I don't find any example/application note given anywhere which gives a way to deal with this Filter Configuration.