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ADE7953 and doubts about the link between active parts 230Vac and the ground AGND, DGND

Question asked by michelelos on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by rajkanika

Hi all,


this is my first post and this is the first time that I work on energy monitoring and metering.


I have some doubt about connections between active parts at 230Vac and AGND, DGND in ADE7953 datasheet and AN-639.

In my application I need to measure currents using shunt resistors.


In fig.9 AN-639, I see that phase is connected to ground.

But in fig. 35 of the ADE7953 datasheet , the pahse is connected to the 1MOhm resistance and the next filter.

This is the first problem: how can I connect the attenuation network in this case?

It is not dangerous to take an active conductor in the entire circuit ground?

And another question: in this case, where I must connect the neutral line?


The second problem is the following: after the 230Vac section, I'm using a switching power supply (with its HF transformer) that gives output to +12Vdc and the GND is insulated...


How can I connect the "phase ground" to other grounds (AGDN and DGND) if I want to maintain the isolation?

Maybe I need to use 3 different grounds?


Please, could you give me some schematis and/or layout examples?

Thank you in advance,