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HMC627ALP5E amplifiying issue

Question asked by ahmet783 on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by kkaya

Hello everyone

I have a custom rf board with three cascaded connected hmc627alp5e in IF side of RF card. IF signal frequency is 70 MHz and when 70 MHz -50 dBm if signal is applied to input of the three cascaded hmc627alp5e, I get -53 dBm signal output side. Based on the datasheet value, I expect around 0 dBm signal. spectrum analyzer display picture is attaced. input and output rf line is designed 50 ohm and component value is selected based on the "50-350 MHz" configuration in the datasheet page 9. I can control attenuator side of component via SPI but amplifying is not enough value that is given in datasheet.  Anybody know how to solve this issue


Thanks in advance