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Phantom windows in IDE.

Question asked by DonMilne on Jul 4, 2011
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I have just upgraded from v4.5 to v5.0 (latest update 9.1 applied), I mention this because it means that all project files will have been converted from v4.5 project.


I have many Blackfin projects to maintain and develop. My normal working practice is to have a project folder on my Windows desktop. Said folder contains a shortcut to the .dpj file which describes the project, among other things. Inside the IDE, in Preferences I have turned off the option to automatically reload the last project. What I'm looking for is that each project has its own isolated context for me to work within.


With v5 I've noticed that when the IDE starts up after double clicking a project shortcut, the Project and Output windows appear ok, but there is also a number of "phantom" windows created, most stacked on top of each other near the top left of the IDE client area (it appears to be just one window, in fact its a stack), a couple are located elsewhere, roughly corresponding to windows I had in those locations in a prior session. Phantom windows have a caption bar but no title or client area: I suspect their size is 0 by 0, default xy, except that the Win32 API has imposed a minimum size and default location. Occasionally the IDE crashes on startup too, I don't know if that cause is related.


In case it matters, I run the IDE in MDI mode, i.e. windows are set to "float in main window", docking is disabled. I do this because otherwise it feels like I'm trying to peer at the source code through a postage stamp sized edit window (monitor is a few years old 4:3 LCD). [*]


Host OS is Windows XP Pro Retail SP2 (32bit).


That's about all the relevant factors I can think of. Can you reproduce this? Anything I can do about it?


[*] I just tested what happens if I set the project and output windows back to docking mode: the phantom windows still appear, but only on the MDI client area where the edit window would go.