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Finding the Max Memory Pools Used

Question asked by KevinH on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2011 by KevinH

Using a BF532 and VDK.


I am moving data around in my code using Memory Pools and I had a bug the other day where the data was comming in too fast for the pools to be processed and freed up. Simple workaround was to increas the pools, from 4 to 100. This allowed me to fix the bug that was causing the data to be sent to fast.


Now for my interest I would like to figure out what the worst case memory pool use is in my system. I see in the VDK status window there are 'Total Blocks' and 'Free Blocks'. How do I get access to the free block info so that I can put some debug code around it to see its max value?


(ie something like

int g_MaxFreeBlock = 100;

if ( VDK:FreeBlock < g_MaxFreeBlock)


   g_MaxFreeBlock = VDK:FreeBlock;