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ADM3488 - UART data output to a board with a biased logic level

Question asked by rambis on Mar 10, 2016
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I am using the ADM3488 Transceiver on a board (Board #1) to transmit data to and from an FPGA which is on another board (Board #2). Board #1 is being powered by a 3.3V supply and Board #2 is operating off a 5V supply.


There is a bias in the voltage level of Board #2 with respect to Board #1. Specifically, for Board #1, Vcc = 3.3V and Gnd = 0V, for Board #2, Vcc = 6.5V and Gnd = 1.5V. Hence, I am seeing a 1.5V bias on Board #2 in comparison to Board #1.


My question is could there be a problem such as misinterpreted logic levels or any other issue if the setup is used in the above described way?


Thank you