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ADE7816 for 3 Phase Application

Question asked by Lyncheese on Mar 10, 2016
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I have been developing the ADE7816 for a while, for 6 current channel single phase.

But, after sometime the demands change to 3 phase configuration.

I know at this time I should move to something like ADE7878, which made especially for 3 phase configuration.

But, I'm just wondering if it's possible to use the ADE7816 for 3 phase configuration ?

Because I read that it's originally for 3 phase but modified to support more channel for single phase.

I read the AN-639, but there is no 3-phase wiring configuration example, using only one Vp and Vn.

Is it still possible to use it for 3 phase ?

What will be the disadvantages if I used ADE7816 for 3 phase instead of single phase ?

Could I still get the data needed if the ADE7816 configured for the 3-phase ?


And I also have ADE7953, from the AN-639 note, It said that It's possible to use three single phase IC for 3 phase application.

So, right now my option only use the ADE7816 or Three ADE7953 IC.

Which way would be better ?


Thank you.


Warm regards.