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AD8310 Pspice model errors

Question asked by RogerC on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by RogerC

Hi guys, I have encountered a mistakes (I think) in AD8310 SUBCKT.


1. In pspice (orcad cadence), lines with more than 123 characters makes an error. The correction consist in split these lines using "+ " at the start of the next line.


2. In the lines "R3 8 0 100meg" and "R4 1 0 100meg" must be changed "meg" by "Meg" because pspice will understand milli with "meg" and Mega with "Meg"


3. Line "R29 44 oflt 2625" must be "R29 44 3 2625" I think because oflt is an alone node name and makes an error..


Attached you can find my corrected version of model in plain text and .lib and .OLB for pspice cadence.


Mates, are you agree with this?