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PLL synthesizer ADF411xSD1Z

Question asked by on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by rbrennan

Hi ADI experts!

I want to make a PLL-synthesizer, which has to give frequency from 2GHz to 3GHz.

I have purchased evaluation board ADF411xSD1Z and SDP_S board, which helps to communicate with PC. I have also inserted VCO (CVCO 1600-3200 from Crystek), IC PLL 4113 and loop filter. I run Analog Device int N PLL and it indicate that device is connected properly. But the problem is when i connect output to Spectrum analyzer it always show frequency of 2,26 GHz, I tried to change output frequency to other one on the Software, it prompted that values have  been written to device, but Spectrum analyzer still showed the frequency of 2,26 GHz. Please help me check if my device works ?