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Trouble shooting the configuration for the AD5930 IC

Question asked by keyran on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by LouijieC

Hello all,


I am a student requiring assistance in trouble shooting my circuit.


I am using the Arduino DUE to program the AD5930 IC via the SPI headers on the DUE. I would like to believe that my code is correct but for some reason, the output of the IC is quite noisy and does not give me anything close to what i programmed it to do. I have attached a schematic showing how i configured the IC. I looked at almost all the posts related to the AD5930 in this forum and built this simple circuit according to that and what was advised according to the spec sheet. I should also mention that i built this on a breadboard.


The source code i used is attached in a text file, but the bits i set in the registers are as follows:


0x0E93 // control register

0xC080 // Fstart LSB

0xD000 // Fstart MSB  [256Hz]

0x2000 // F Sweep LSB . [Set delta f = 0]

0x3000 // F Sweep , positive delta f. [Set to delta f = 0]

0x1002 // Number of increments. Set to two increments


I had intentions of starting simple before i go complex so i produced this code to output a continuous 256Hz sinusoid wave (by setting the frequency step size to 0).