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AD9361 more than 8 profiles recall function inquiry

Question asked by jb.larouche on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by jb.larouche


I need to make the AD9361 device hop at a rate of 500 hops/s, between 50 different frequencies. To be able to meet the rate, i want to use the Fast lock profiles. However, since I have more than 8 frequencies, I need to store the different registers values for all the 50 frequencies in my BBP and on the fly, I need to reconfigure the fast lock profiles.

My question is: Before using a profile, we need to perform the "prepare" routine called by adi9361_fastlock_recall().  However, if I want to reconfigure the pofiles in real-time, do I need to "unpreprare"? In other words, do I need to set back the registers value from the adi9361_fastlock_recall() to their original values?