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GNU Radio minimum sample rate [zedboard/fmcomms3]

Question asked by vshn on Mar 9, 2016
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Im trying to implement a design with the minimum sampling rate in GNU radio. By looking at this forum post it looks like I can sample at 233 ksps as long as I do max interpolation/decimation at the sink/source stages. I am certainly over simplifying the problem though.


I set the FMComms2 Sink to -->


Sample Rate: 233ksps

Interpolation: 48


Which should bring the effective sample rate up to 1.536Msps. When I run this configuration I receive the errors:


unable to set samplerate (-22)

unable to set attenuation (-22)

unable to set attenuation (-22)


Is the problem that I am not specifically setting the programmable tx filter? Find attached an image of the qpsk modulator transmission side I'm testing with.


I realize the attenuation error is separate but I'm also not able to determine what is causing those - I am using the standard 10 dB attenuation value.






I was doing something silly earlier. Interpolation should only be 7 to up the sample rate to > 1.536 msps. If I set the Sample Rate to 233E3 * 7 the error goes away. This happens regardless if I set the interpolation field to 1 or 7 or anything else... What is the appropriate way to set these fields?