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Time crunch - adding UART to VDK - 3 days to go.

Question asked by ExtrasensorySystems on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by CraigG

I am trying to add an UART (Actually a multidrop RS485) to a BF518F board of home construct.
I have the VDK Ethernet app running on it and I am a bit stumped how to get the 1MBit/s data from a sensor board through to my application so I can FFT it and dump it via Ethernet.


The RS485 can be left in receive mode and I'd like something that calls a service routine with with good chunks of buffer (each data packet is in the order of 64 bytes and I'd be fine with 1-2k worth of data at each call).


I have found the shell_browser app for the BF518 and understand SOME of what's going on in terms of the device driver, but far, far from all.


Could anybody please tell me, step by step, how to import those files and get an UART receiving under VDK ?


Secondarily, I will (at some point) need to add direction control to the RS485, so I need to identify the spot in the driver to put the toggle of the direction pin of the driver chip to input after transmitting. (This is of less concern).

Speedy help on this would be incredibly helpful.

Please, kind gurus ...