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EVAL ADAS1000SDZ - Mounting Holes on the PCB

Question asked by kurt63 on Mar 8, 2016
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I have bought the Evaluation board "ADAS1000SDZ" and other necessary isolation-Boards. I want to build an Multichannel ECG-System for education purposes – not for clinical applications.


All those boards should be functionally integrated in a modern instrument-case.

Unfortunately - the ADAS1000-pcb has no predrilled mounting holes.

But - it seems, that there are predefined drilling spots at the four edges of the pcb.


After removing the 4 rubber distance-holder at the bottom side of the print:


Is it possible to drill a mounting hole with  3.2mm  diameter at each of those spots, without negativ effect to the functionallity of the ECG-board?

Are there any risks with the multilayer-board - even if we made precision-drills?


The save mounting of the "eval-board ADAS1000" is mechanically very complex without those holes!

I would appreciate your informations to this question and looking forward to your replies!


Best regards!