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ADP2504-5.0: output voltage incorrect at 1.8V

Question asked by Narsimh Employee on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by KRZ



I need some help with my use of the ADP2504-5.0. I used the ADP2503_04_BuckBoostDesigner spreadsheet to design my circuit with the following parameters: Minimum input voltage = 3V, maximum output voltage  = 4V, Output voltage = 5V, Output Current = 0.5A. These parameters resulted in following component values: L1 = 1.5uH/75mOhm, Cin = 10uF, Cout = 47uF, Cbias = 0.1uF. EN pin = 3.3V.


The problem is that even with the recommended circuit, I am seeing an output voltage (without load) of 1.8V when input voltage = 3.3V instead of the expected output voltage of 5V. I am looking for help on how to debug this issue.