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About the datasheet of the magnetic field sensor, AD22151

Question asked by Yoontts on Mar 8, 2016
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Nowadays I study about the magnetic field sensor, AD22151. In the middle of studying, I have some questions. In the page 5 of the datasheet, chapter GAIN AND OFFSET, there is an example to design the circuit around the AD22151. It mentioned about the sequence to calculate the R4 and R2 with the function. But, in the example, I can not understand about the function (4) and (5). First, function (4), ((Vcc/2)-1)/Vcc = 0.375, where does the function come from? Even when I calculate the function (4), it said Vcc = 8V!!!!! It assume that Vcc = 5V. It doesn't make sense.

And the function (5), how can I draw it? where it comes from?
I can not understand those two functions. Once I understand it totally, I believe that I can design the circuit.
Plz, explain about the example in the page 5. Thank you for reading my words in poor english.