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AD9269 chip linux driver and axi_dmac

Question asked by fivepanda on Mar 8, 2016
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I have a custom designed zynq board (the schematic is copied from ZC706), with a single AD9269 chip on it,

but without a AD9517 chip, AND, AD9269 has not a corresponding driver in linux kernel!

I want to use axi_dmac to send ad9269 sampled data to PS, just like the way on ZC706 board .

So I modified the AD9265 IP code, replace the pins constaint in .xdc file.


Now the linux OS booted successfully on my board, except that I can't find ad9265 iio device. I noticed

that most ADC have a chip ID in "drivers/iio/adc/cf_axi_adc.h", for example, AD9265 chip ID is 0x64.

Then I replace ad9265_fmc_125ebz with a fmcomms6 card, and rewrite the AD9265 ID from 0x64 to 0xC1

(ad9652's chip ID), then recompile the linux kernel uImage, then the boot process recognize fmcomms6 as ad9265.


But this method failed when I do it on AD9269 chip, because there's not a AD9517 chip on my board.


What need I to do to let the boot process recognize AD9269 chip as a ad9265 like iio device? To modify the driver and

devicetree? Will someone provide a example?