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Problems to program 9833 with PIC

Question asked by yomeromex on Jul 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by yomeromex

Hello, I am trying to program the 9833 with PIC 18F452, the frequency for 9833 is 10 Mhz and I am trying to get 100 Hz to 20 Khz in several steps, no in sequence, so I can program 520 Hz, then 10 Khz etc., at first glance it looks like I was able to get the frequencies with an 16F84 but I need to replace it because the memory was not enought, I am using the 452 and can not get the 9833 programmed, attached are 2 screen shots of my "analizer" the PICKIT 2 programmer is able to work as analizer. Could you check please the sequence showed on that pictures and tell me if it is correct or not? I had tried with and without delay on the SCLK signal and also changing the mode without success, what I am getting is any frequency, and some times nothing.9833_PIC452_no_delay.jpg On my last tries the output signal moved from zero and it has an offset of around 300 mV, that it means the DDS circuit got damaged?

  Thanks for your help