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output ports not found after synthesis

Question asked by qxj on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by AdrianC

Hello everyone,


I'm working with the reference design FMCMOTCON2. I want to integrate my own IP generated by System Generator into the reference design, in oder that the corresponding LED will be switched on, when I turn on a switch.


The steps below describes what I did:

1. I use the input signal "gpio_i[63:0]" in the block design as the input signal to my IP.

2. The IP extracts a 8-bit range of bits out of the 64-bit input signal, which are corresponding to eight user switches on the Zedboard.

3. The bit slice is connected to a "Gatway Out" output port, which represents 8 LEDs.

4. With the IP integrated, I connect gpio_i[63:0] the the input port of my IP and make external for the LED output port.

5. In the file "system_constr.xdc", the following sentences are added:

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  T22   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[0]]      ; ## LD0

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  T21   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[1]]      ; ## LD1

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  U22   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[2]]      ; ## LD2

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  U21   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[3]]      ; ## LD3

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  V22   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[4]]      ; ## LD4

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  W22   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[5]]      ; ## LD5

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  U19   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[6]]      ; ## LD6

    set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN  U14   IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33} [get_ports ld[7]]      ; ## LD7


But after the syntehsis completed, I couldn't find these eight LED output ports on the I/O Ports window. The ports listed here are only the ports that originally exist in the reference desgin.


How to slove this problem?