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About AD1938 ADC TDM(8 Channel I2S Mode)

Question asked by IRON on Mar 7, 2016
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Hello all,


I have a question about AD1938 ADC TDM8.


I would like to ask you if the below thing is possible on AD1938.

2 stereo analog Inputs go into the AD1938, then I would like the AD1938 outputs the 2 stereo data on TDM8 just as the Figure 12 on the datasheet.

I guess it is highly possible because the data sheet is mentioning so.


I am now trying to replicate the same wave form using ADSP21479 Evaluation board which has AD1939 on it.

I guess the AD1939 and AD1938 are basically the same.

I realized that I need to modify the sample code provided by ADI a little bit to replicate the same waveform.

I am going to replicate it later on. But Could anyone answer me if AD1938 ADC can output data in TDM8 please?


Thank you very much.


Yuta MIhara