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ADL5511 Application Help

Question asked by Tstern on Jul 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by enash

We got an evaluation board a few days ago and I want to hook it up with optimal part selection to test on our system. The application is to measure the output of an RF amplifier as accurately as possible. Unfortunately some information is missing for the application sheet at this point so I would like to request assistance to fill in those gaps.


Our amplifier outputs a signal at 480KHz which is modulated at different freq. Between 1KHz and 30KHz, the modulation we do is phase change, on a scope this looks very much like AM modulation (100% range).

My end goal is to measure the RMS of this signal with a 50 Ohm input. Can you please direct me to formulas for the filter calculations and the integration capacitor at the output.