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Some testing questions about the IIP3 of AD9364

Question asked by on Mar 6, 2016
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I plan to use the AD9364 recently. But when I read the datasheet of it, I was confused about its IIP3 testing. I attach the picture of it, which is figure 38 on the page 21th.

My questions are as follows:

1) Based on the interpretions and discriptions in the chapter, I think the work mode is LTE20M and frequency of RX is 2400MHz;

2) When f1=30M and f2=61M, whether the input frequency are 2430MHz and 2461MHz? According to these two frequency, should I use the outband IIP3 testing method which is mentioned this community?

3) But the outband signal is restrainted by the RX channel, what characteristics (such as the amplitude of the signal and IMD3) should I use to calculate the IIP3 of it?


Please give me some help! Thanks!