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Reliability of AD8145 If differential input voltage given as V+ = 0V to +1.4V and V- = 0V to -1.4V(Differential Composite video signal)

Question asked by tendulkar.selvam on Mar 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by AnnaFeB

Dear All,


We are using AD8145 (High Speed, Triple Differential Receiver with Comparators)  one of our design to convert composite differential video input to single ended video output.In that we are giving V+ = 0V to +1.4V and V- = 0V to -1.4V (Differential composite video input ) and input common mode voltage=0V. but in your data sheet it is mentioned that input differential voltage = +/-2.5 voltage.

  Now the issue is , Can we use AD8145 for input voltage as V+ = 0V to +1.4V and V- = 0V to -1.4V(Differential input composite video voltage range) ? If we can do so what happen to the reliablility IC (AD8145).


Tendulkar S