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on ADAU1979 pll setting.

Question asked by Reddie on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Reddie

hello all,

i have a few questions about get this part to work right.

my criteria on this part is as follows.

1. sample rate is 48khz

2. i want to use this part in TDM4 mode - 4channels (slots) in a TDM frame, 24bits/slot so the BLCK freq is 4 X 24 X 48khz = 4.608Mhz

3. i want to use this part in slave mode.

4. i want to use pll.


questions are

a. if i want to use MCLKI pll, there is no entry in MCS of PLL_CONTROL register for 96 x fs, then do i have to feed 384xfs = 18.432Mhz into this part?

b. if i want to use LRCLK pll, then to get this part to work,  i don't need to program MCS of PLL_CONTROL register and only set SAI_CTRL0 , SAI_CTRL1 to proper settings, then will i get the  pll working right as intended?


thank you in advance.