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Need verification on the DLMS data exchange used in our energy meter design

Question asked by IndriyaITPL on Mar 4, 2016
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Dear Madam/Sir,


We are designing a single phase energy meter with ADE5169 and would like you experts help in verifying the following communication text. We intend to operate the device in mode E. We have made this meter and hand held unit conversation as follows.




RequestHHU/ ? ! \r \n/ ? Device address ! \r \n
IdentificationMTRITP 5 12345678 \r \n/ XXX Z \ W Ident \r \n
AcknowledgeHHUACK 0 5 0 \r \nACK 0 Z 0 \r \n
Data sent outMTR0x02 2(020316 wed*date)\r\n
! \r \n 0x03 1
STX Data ! \r \n ETX BCC



In the data read out, we wanted the following data to be outputted:




Date2(020316 wed*date)\r\n
Instant Voltage4(240.1*V)\r\n
Instant Phase current5(10.0123*A)\r\n
Instant Neutral current6(10.0123*A)\r\n
Instant load in kW7(02.401234*kW)\r\n
Cumulative Active (forwarded) Energy (kWh)8(1234567.8*kWh)\r\n


This was decided upon referring to the IEC 62056 Part21 document.

Please pitch in your inputs into bettering this as I am new to this.

Thanks in advance.


With Kind Regards,

Gokul G.