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ad9361 adc-capture infinite loop problem.

Question asked by Ronen on Mar 4, 2016
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I use zc702 + fmcomms3 with no-os system in Xilinx SDK.




I want to use only rx1 and tx1 port. So i changed 1 to 0 following parameters.





0,  //two_rx_two_tx_mode_enable *** adi,2rx-2tx-mode-enable

0,  //two_t_two_r_timing_enable *** adi,2t2r-timing-enable



but in adc_capture(), I cannot quit from following function.


do {

  adc_dma_read(AXI_DMAC_REG_IRQ_PENDING, &reg_val);


while(reg_val != (AXI_DMAC_IRQ_SOT | AXI_DMAC_IRQ_EOT));


to solve above problems, i tried to turn off channel 2(TX2), 3(RX2) manually, but it haven't help me

(adc_st.rx2tx2 is always 0 after I changed 1 to 0 above parameters)




  adc_write(phy, ADC_REG_CHAN_CNTRL(2), 0);

  adc_write(phy, ADC_REG_CHAN_CNTRL(3), 0);@



sorry for shaky English.


I need help. plz answer me!