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ADN8831 - Switching Noise

Question asked by nburg on Mar 3, 2016



I'm having trouble with switching noise from the ADN8831 appearing on the OUT1 pin (Temperature monitor pin) as can be seen in the waveform screenshot. The noise seen is almost 600mV in amplitude. The schematic for the circuit is also attached.


I have checked using the ADN8831 evaluation board with thie TEC and the ripple does not exist on the evaluation module. Between both circuits, all the components are the same however the layout is different. After testing, I've concluded it must be a layout issue between the two boards, but I'm not sure where I can go from here.

The datasheet mentions very little about the COMPSW compensation network, but I'm hoping something can be done with this to reduce the ripple I am seeing. Any other input would be appreciated.

Thank you.