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Sharc 21479, trouble using TWI and UART together

Question asked by Erik on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2011 by DeepV

I am developing a software for ADSP-21479 processors (EZ-kit evaluation board and Visual DSP++ 9.0).


When using TWI and UART communication separately eveything works fine.

When trying to first use TWI (read data from an EEPROM) and after that start UART communication, the UART will not receive any interrupts.

I have tried to "turn off" everything regarding TWI after it is used, but still it conflicts in some way with the UART interrupts.


Does anybody have some hints of what pitfalls I must avoid to get it to work together?

Maybe a link to some reading material regarding this (I have read the Hardware reference manual alot but I am having trouble to understand how the different registers are supposed to be set to get this working).

Perhaps anybody have a "Hello world" code using both TWI and UART?