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ADV7280-M input switching on i.MX6 based system.

Question asked by Marc@DSE on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2016 by ranaya


We are using an ADV7280M to capture video from various inputs on an i.MX6 based system and I have a question about input switching. This is using the linux-fscl kernel and a driver based on the 7180 but with some hacks for the CSI and device-tree support.


The system is set up with the VPP module doing the interlace->progressive processing and the image on the imx looks pretty good, it handles both NTSC and PAL analogue cameras without issue. It is also set up so that with no input video feed is found the chip will go to free-running with colour bars.


My main question is, does the free running output go via the VPP module and as such get converted into a progressive image? Or will i need to check the status and try to reconfigure the CSI link speed on the fly  to handle the switch when there is a live video or the the free running signal?


The other question is when the input is set to auto detect PAL or NTSC which format does the free-running output default to?


Currently switching to the unconnected input causes the CSI to not see a valid signal by the looks of it, even thought the ADV7280 status registers seem to indicate the device is in free running mode at the time.


Any ideas gratefully received