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ADA2200 Noise Calculation

Question asked by brianharrington Employee on Mar 3, 2016

Question from User:

I wish to get an estimate of the noise in a design that would use the ADA2200.  The data sheet has three noise parameters and I would like to know how to use them.

I am comfortable with “Phase Measurement Noise” but don’t know how to distinguish between the “Output Offset Measurement Noise” and “Shorted Input Noise” parameters.

How do I use the latter two in an analysis? Are all three noise sources independent of each other?


The “Phase Measurement Noise” and “Shorted Input Noise” are independent of each other.  Only one of these can be measured at one time, so the corresponding number should be used.

The “Output Offset” is not a  noise measurement.  It is the variation one should expect in the averaged output of the part with the input shorted.  It is really a dc output offset measurement.