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Read/Verify Program from Flash using USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ

Question asked by tkotwaltx on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by tkotwaltx

Is there any way to read or verify a hex file (or equivalent) from flash using the USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ? I'm currently using Keil uVision version 5.15 and don't see that as an option. I would be fine using a separate program that can read, verify, and/or write flash if that's what it takes. The part I'm working with is the ADuCM360.


My understanding is that Segger's J-Flash program can do it if you have one of their J-Link tools, but I don't think that program works with the USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ and I'd rather not pay for one of those tools right now.


Thank you.