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BF609-ezkit USB mount only once

Question asked by AlexanderDeurloo on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Aaronwu

I have this situation where a mount of a USB memory stick is only possible when it is connected to the ezkit before the boot of Linux.
Once booted, the USB memory stick can be accessed without any problems.
When I unmount and remove the USB memory stick from the BF609, it is nicely noticed and reported by Linux.
But connecting it again is not possible. Linux remains silence.


Funny thing is though: I can connect a USB hub to the ezkit and boot linux (in this order only) and mount/unmount/remove a USB memory stick as may times as I like without problems.

So it seems that Linux wants to see at least one device during boot. Once disconnected it looks like the kernel ignores USB for the rest of the uptime.


Anyone any idea why?

And more importantly: what can be done about it?
Adding a USB hub to my design to overcome this problem doesn't feel good