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How to create files for RAM?

Question asked by tumas on Jul 1, 2011
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having just started using AD9910 board, I got stucked with RAM usage. I know how to load/retrieve data from RAM - the problem is, I do not understand how to create a suitable set of data. Having read the datasheet, technical tutorial, user guide and searched on the Internet, I made only little progress.


From the data sheet (p. 33/60, Table 12) I know the required structure of each word and how many bits are assigned to each parameter for each type of entry. However, I have no idea what to put into those bits. The first thing that came to my mind - to load the required values of, for example, frequency - does not seem to be right, especially after having a look at several example files posted on this forum.


Therefore I would like to ask you, how can I create files for AD 9910 RAM - what are the general rules, if there is any software required etc.


I am especially interested in a way how to get data from Excel/Calc and txt files into a format suitable for the RAM.


Thank you very much in advance.