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ADP1051 CS2 analog offset trim

Question asked by Sean@murata on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by LtCommData

Hi  Sir:

     1\how many bits change of 0xFEA8(CS2 Value) equals to 1 bit change of  0xFE17(CS2 analog trim)?


     2\how much input analog offset errors can be compensated by 0xFE17 ?


     3\Do you have fast algorithm to trim 0xFE17 so that the value in Register 0xFEA8 reads is as close as possible to 100 decimal in minimum steps?


     4\can we set 0xFE16 according to 0xFEA8 reads after analog trim so that the READ_IOUT reading is 0 A? how to choose 0xFE16 according to 0xFEA8 reads


thanks a lot  and best regards!!!