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Powering AD9361 TX section in RX Mode

Question asked by Matty on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by tlili

We just got a PCB designed with AD9361 chips. As we did not need the transmit capability the following pins are not connected:

VDDA1P3_TX_SYNTH, VDDA1P3_TX_LO_BUFFER, VDDA1P3_TX_LO, VDDA1P1_TX_VCO, VDDA1P3_TX_VCO_LDO, TX_VCO_LDO_OUT. It seems we may actually need these supply pins to be connected even for the RX part to work. Is this correct ?

The reasons I think these supply pins may need to be connected is because on page 26 of UG-570 it seems to imply that if the RX or TX synthesisers did not calibrate properly it won't go into either TX or RX mode. Also I guess the TX section may be required to calibrate the RX chain. Is this PCB still usable as a receiver without these power supplies connected ?