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Function Reference and Libraries for ADuCM360

Question asked by fsonnichsen on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by fsonnichsen

I am wrestling with the CN0359 EVAL board and its associated ADuCM360.  I purchased the ADuCM360-EVAL kit as well.  The CN0359 is up and running with RS485.  I have sorted through the source code for the CN0359 and have a good start and I have looked at a lot of the example code with the EVAL kit. I need to basically rewrite the code and would like to start anew as I expect that there is quite a clutter of extraneous routines in the examples.


I have looked around but cannot find a few items to move forward. Can you point me to:

1) A function reference for the various routines that Analog has provided for this MCU. I would like a comprehensive listing (better than what I guess from looking at source code) with parameter descriptions.

2) Are the all the analog include files and loadlibs consolidated somewhere so I can point my IDE to them