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Connecting a PD to the ADL5304

Question asked by enpa on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by jdobler

I am trying to connect a photodiode to the ADL5304-EVALZ.

According to Figure 12 in UG-339 ( the cathode of the photodiode must be conencted to pin 1 of P3.

Pin 1 is connected to INUM.


If I look at the datasheet of ADL5304 (, figure 55 shows a photodiode connected with the anode to INUM.


I am confused, could please someone clarify this to me?


As additional information:

  • I am working with a single supply, the jumper P1 is set
  • R5 is NOT populated, R15 is 100R (I am not using adaptive bias)
  • The other resistors for slope and intercept are as delivered (R24 and R25 are 0, everything else is open)


I would connect the photodiode with the anode to INUM and the cathode to 2VLT. Is that correct?


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