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HMC440 Evaluation Board - defect or am I doing something wrong?

Question asked by Lysakovski on Mar 2, 2016
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I am currently working on a project using the HMC440 Evaluation Board. I started working with the board on Monday and it did seem to work then. When I attempted to do some more tests with it on Tuesday I couldn't get it to work at all. The only thing I'm getting from the NU and ND Outputs are constant 3V/5V signals without any pulses. The only thing I'm getting from NFOUT and FOUT is a low voltage(~50mV) signal whose frequency is equal to the CLK input frequency. As for my Setup: Jumpers are installed on S2-S5 and there is no Jumper on S1 (changing jumpers around doesn't change anything tough). I'm using a 5V, 0.45A DC power supply to power the board and an Agilent 33500B Waveform Generator to provide the CLK and REF input signals. I am, for example, using sine waveforms with a frequency of 30MHz(CLK) and 15MHz(REF) with an Amplitude of 1Vpp each which results in ~0dBm. Is there anything wrong with my setup or did I break the chip?